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Fantasycon Schedule

I am heading to Fantasycon — sadly no longer as co-chair. The reader may recall that I was evicted from a flat I had already been forced to rename the Cave of Fail for pestering the landlords demanding fripperies like cooking facilities and hot water, and preferably for there not to be water pouring through the bathroom lights.  On taking up many of my duties, Glen Mehn is now on crutches. The position is possibly cursed, is what I’m saying.

Anyhow many/mmost of the panels are of my making and I hope you like them! But I am attending as a simple panellist. Everything I’m doing appears to be on one Non-Stop Saturday of Madness.


12.00 Noon – Dead Parents, Burned Homesteads and Wicked Stepmothers
Is it essential to write out the parents before youthful characters can head out on adventures? Are adult figures always unhelpful or malign? Should writers search for ways to keep parents around — or do fantasies of a world without parents fulfil a real need?
Marc Gascoigne (m), Edward Cox, Emma Newman, Sophia McDougall, Glenda Larke, Laura Lam

2.20 — READING!! I will read some of SPACE HOSTAGES* the sequel to MARS EVACUEES. I have only JUST FINISHED this book (expect further details when I’m less exhausted) and no one will ever have heard any of it before.


4.00pm – FanFiction: The Fan, the Pro and the Publishing Industry Writers on both sides of the fan/pro divide and writers who straddle it discuss fanfiction. After the success of E.L James, should publishers be searching for more hit writers on AO3 and Fanfic.net? What keeps talented writers away from traditional publishing?
James Barclay (m), A J Dalton, Gillian Polack, Charlaine Harris, Sophia McDougall, Helen Kenwright


5.00pm – Who’s Missing?
A discussion about some authors you should be reading, but probably aren’t.
Glen Mehn (m), Tom Pollock, Gillian Redfearn, Sophia McDougall






I hope to see you there!
*title may change! But I don’t want it to!

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