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The Green Party

So, since a shocked world celebrated World Book Night with the discovery the Green Party wished to create an artistic utopia by stripping creators of copyright after 14 years, we have heard various defences.

1) that just because the Green Party puts a document called “policies” on their website, on purpose, we shouldn’t assume that things in that document are “policies” and really, we just shouldn’t look at that document.
2) That they update this document constantly, even though it means NOTHING, but because they’ve been updating it constantly (and thereby constantly approving what’s in it) anything in it we don’t like is probably really old – from the infancy of the party! and totally not something they would do and we should just close our eyes and think about ice cream or something.
And 3) they meant “14 years from the death of the author”, not just 14 years full stop, anyway.

There, it was all a silly misunderstanding!

Except the Green Party spokesman told the Telegraph: “It would be 14 years after publishing…”

…oh, but maybe he didn’t really mean…

“…as recommended by the Cambridge researcher Rufus Pollock.”


Rufus Pollock very much does mean 14 years only, because fuck writers in old age, that’s why, and he meant it as of 2007 at the earliest.

This is a policy, it is recent, and it DOES mean 14 years in your lifetime. Think that is a gift to corporations? Congratulations, you’ve already thought about it harder than they did.

Confused, or liars? You decide!

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