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Space Hostages has been out for a fortnight!

I’ve been talking about it in various exciting places.

Jim over at Middle Grade Strikes Back asked me some great questions about worldbuilding, alien (and human) genders and languages here, and I told Tales of Yesterday about creating aliens (and drew them a picture of a certain amazing technicolour teenage Morror) here.

You can read the first snippet from Space Hostages  back over there — and the next one is here and is a video snippet! I hope you enjoy my hair. — I mean, my reading. Thisa conversation between Alice and probably my favourite new character in Space Hostages, who happens to be a spaceship:  the Helen of Troy.

Helen came from a throwaway line — Mr Trommler, the CEO of Archangel Planetary, hits on Dr Muldoon and gets rebuffed. Unfazed, he says “At least my Helen loves me!” This was just supposed to be a characterisation note for him.

But then I thought, wait, what if that was literally true? So Helen is an intelligent, charming and friendly spaceship, who is also programmed to be in love with her captain — and she turned out to be so important in the plot I don’t know how I could ever have got by without her.

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Jul. 17th, 2015 02:33 pm (UTC)
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