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SPACE HOSTAGES – video snippet 2, and Nine Worlds

Internet, I write to you most laboriously from the lobby of a hotel in Greece. This is the first holiday time I have been abroad in a decade without bringing my laptop and a novel to be finished or a heap of manuscripts to critique. Of course, to celebrate this,  I have come down with a cold. Neverthelss, the sea is blue and everything is very beautiful.

I was at SRFC last week to read from SPACE HOSTAGES. It was a lovely evening, and it was terrific to read alongside the splendid Emma Trevayne, Alex Lamb and Gareth L Powell. But if you missed it, my reading went a little something like this.

I shall be at Nine Worlds this coming Sunday and here are my events.

I Predict a Riot: YA perspectives of the future – 10.00am – 11.15am, Royal B

From near-future science fiction to harrowing dystopias, the YA vision of the future isn’t always a cheerful one. Are the stories we tell of a brave new world or a bleak new world? And what does that say for our main characters and our readers?

Kids in Space – 11.30am-12.30pm (Workshop and talk) Room 16
Explore alien worlds with Sophia McDougall, author of Mars Evacuees and Space Hostages, and create an alien or a planet of your own!

Come along — hope to see you there!

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