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Fantasycon 2015

I got knocked out of Nine Worlds by the cold from Hades, so I am most definitely going to Fantasycon to make up for it, and here is my schedule.

Room: Suite 2

Sat 24 Oct 10.00am              

Welcome to my Place: Making Your World Better

Setting has a huge effect on the impact of your story, so how do you create a believable, interesting world which ‘feels real’ without info-dumping or losing the plot? Our panel of experienced world-builders and creative writers shares tips and techniques for  bring your fictional world into being.

  • what comes first: the story, the setting or the characters?
  • in what ways do they inform each other?
  • how much detail do you need and what role does research play?
  • balancing originality with familiarity

Moderator: Martin Owton

Panellists:  James Brogden, Adrian Faulkner, Megan Kerr, Sophia McDougall, Arianne ‘Tex’ Thompson


Room: Conference Theatre

Sat 24 Oct 2.00pm  War: What Is It Good For? Martial Conflict in SFF

War continues to abhor and fascinate us as writers and readers but portraying it brings many challenges. This panel goes into battle on the following campaign fronts:

  • are the reasons for war too simplistic in genre fiction?
  • depictions of combat, martial training and practice
  • writing about violence, injury and death in action
  • the after-effects of war on fighters and non-combatants
  • alternative resolutions, diplomacy and showing all sides

What do YOUR characters fight for?

Moderator: Natasha Bardon

Panellists: Steve Aryan, Bradley Beaulieu, Sophia McDougall, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gav Thorpe

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