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Bad news

Damn, damn, damnity damn. I just received this from my editor:

Next, we have had a scheduling change imposed upon us from above (one of the problems of having such a big list is if something moves, it often means a whole lot of other books have to shift around), and that’s part of what’s happened here: I’ve been asked to move Savage City out of the year. Initially I was deeply upset about this, until I realised that releasing at Easter means Eastercon, and there were 1300 people at this year’s event, which is no mean crowd to be paying attention to a new book.

I know it must be deeply frustrating for Sophia, especially as she’s been so patiently waiting for me to actually get to the editing stage, but a lot of other books shifting dates has made the autumn increasingly crowded, and I’d rather have a bit of space so the book don’t disappear into a morass of new books. Moving it now gives us an unexpected opportunity to do a little more.

I completely understand the ever-wonderful and amazing Jo's situation - there's nothing she can do. And furthermore, the editing stage has been so delayed now that I fear we would be pretty hard pushed to get everything done to the highest possible standard anyway. But it is so disappointing! I was so happy when I got to tell everyone it was going to be this autumn. And I must say that I would quite like to be Sophia McDougall author of completed and published The Romanitas Trilogy nowish, please.

On the other hand, I'm STILL kind of feeling the exhaustion from writing the fracking thing, and my brain, as recently discussed, is not working right, so at least I'll be fresher when work starts in earnest and I might have some more time to do some of the follow-up research which I was expecting to just kind of blag my way through. (ARE there trees suitable for my purposes in a particular region of Nevada? Maybe I will actually find out!)

I know people who've been following Romanitas for a while will be disappointed. So do know I feel just the same, and I wish there was something I could do!  But alas, there isn't.