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A Site, a Planet, a Picture

So first of all I finally have a website: sophiamcdougall.com . It's not completely finished yet, as you'll see -- eventually, I want to have the blog content there, although I've had this LJ long enough now that I'll keep it as a mirror too.

I had a  birthday, and if I only had a camera I would show you the most lovely present I had from some wonderful friends: a SQUASHY PLANET MARS. You know you are totally jealous. I can use it for research and sleep on it! It is more or less cotton-stuffed heaven.
Continuing the planetary theme, On 23rd June, from 6pm,  I will be signing Savage City at Forbidden Planet with a host of splendid writers such as benaaronovitch  and Jaine Fenn aka maeve_the_red. Look, it's true. Afterwards the plan is to go to the pub! Come and play!

I've been doing a lot of art lately. I always used to say "Oh I'm a writer, I'm really not an artist", and I used to feel there was no point pursuing what I can do beyond "doodles" but that was kind of because... I always felt that if I wasn't effortlessly good enough to be hanging in the Tate, plainly I wasn't good enough to do ANYTHING. Which now reminds me rather of this (I've read that this particularly affects girls, but I can't find the link now). Anyhow, I've realised I want to do more visual art. And for now,  finally I can post some of the art I made for the Genre for Japan charity auction, now the winning bidder has received his prizes. I was offering signed first editions with a "doodle" in the frontispiece -- my "doodles" were already pretty goddman detailed because that's what comes of an obsessive temperament, but I really wanted these to be special. I bought SPECIAL ART PENS.

The bidder asked for Una in one book and Sulien in the other. I put Una in Romanitas and Sulien in Rome Burning.

I drew Una on the day she escaped from slavery and goes off to rescue her brother from being crucified on the banks of the Thames:
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This picture of Sulien is a mild distortion of what actually happens in the book, but you know, what the hell:
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Finally -- and I'm sorry to continue a trend of concluding posts with massive non-sequitur downers -- , I urge all of you to raise as much of a stink as you can about  the disgraceful ejection of Samira Ahmed from Channel 4 News. (Start by complaining here) Losing yet another intelligent female news reporter (or rather banishing to radio where no one has to look at her face) even before she starts to lose her pretty-young-thing looks -- that message of "women, you're not allowed to grow old. You're barely even allowed to grow up" --  depresses me more than I can possibly say.

But, hey. Come to Forbidden Planet. Cool books and cool people -- make it all better.


I just got a nice email from the web designer saying he has poked around the internet, and so likes the look of my books, he will even knock off some money for a signed copy! I like emails of this kind.

It’s just as well he’s been doing some research, seeing as our conversation about my requirements went something like this:

Web designer: You’re a science fiction writer?

Me: Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, because this whole thing happened I don't even know nothing about... (*pulls self out of dated Little Britain references*).   I’m a science fiction writer in certain lights. So the site  needs to  say Romans! Aliens! Cavemen! But  also “don’t get the idea it’s going to be ALL Romans and Aliens, because I could do ANYTHING, I tell you.” And it needs to be simple, but not THAT simple, and pretty, but not TOO pretty, and I want it to have a title, but I can’t think of one yet, and I don’t think I want one of those things that that other writer has. But later I might.

Web designer:

I can’t even think of a colour I like. It’s worse than decorating my bedroom. And I only even got that done at all out of perversity and desire to show up all the people who had lived here before me and had completely failed to decorate the bedroom.

Otherwise I’ve been having endless angry conversations with my brother about Doctor Who. You can pretty much assume that I’m always having endless angry conversations with my brother about Doctor Who.  Or sometimes with 
[info]tsubaki_ny , or [info]corvus_imbrifer . Or [info]rozk , who does not get so angry, as she has been watching it since William Hartnell and has more perspective on everything.

I have two brothers, actually. Only one of them gets worked up about Doctor Who. 

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